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A Reflection on Gentle Care from 2018

We are reaching the end of 2018 and some of you in southern part of the world are already in 2019. Since I last blogged in 2014, I went through a few changes in a few aspects of my life and so did my skin. Along with that, my perception and action as a beauty blogger is redefined. I am still as passionate about ethical and naturally derived beauty products, but hopefully I can give myself, and ultimately you, a fresh perspective.

Here is a few lessons I have learnt along the way:

1) Follow your intuition, sensibly 👀

There is no magic in a bottle. I already said it many years ago, but the sentence finally sets in stone in my heart. Over the years especially in 2018, I have learnt how to create a realistic expectation that I ask from my skin. I have also learnt to consider the factors (i.e: ingredient, cost, saving) before trying anything new because what works for some, may not work for me. I deter from ambitiously wanting glowing skin which could result in looking everywhere for solu…

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