Thoughts on Tata Harper Skincare

Tata Harper formulating Tata Harper Skincare. Credit image to No More Dirty Looks.

I have to admit that I have not had much luck with Tata Harper's products despite the price. I think it leans more towards dry to mature skin. The hero products for me though are the Eye Creme and the mask! I also fell in love with the floral scent that also smells very closely to fruit loops, it smells so therapeutic and doubles as a perfume. Definitely a splurge but if the line works for you, you would be so happy that they actually work. Then again,  just because it's a natural line, Tata Harper should be compared to those *high-end* anti-aging products in the market today as they are retailed for $100 and above for moisturisers. As a side note, I have only tried the little samples which I got for free from Spirit Beauty Lounge except mask and cleanser.

Here is my overall review on most TH products I have tried. Read below for more.


May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt & The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver $90 | 8.45 oz / 250 ml

The Clean Dirt $60 | 6.76 oz / 200ml

May Lindstrom with Yasmina Rossi for May Lindstrom Skin. Screen-captured from Vimeo

I had been dying to try out May Lindstrom products even before SBL carried the line. I stumbled upon her website unknowingly why and was really intrigued by the brand's philosophy of celebrating beauty and far beyond. The products sound very different, in a scrumptiously good way- scrumptious because the ingredients literally smell like Christmas cookies!!!! You will be surprised how exciting the application of the products are- they fizz and puff up like a mousse. Without further ado, lets get onto the two products I have tried: The Clean Dirt and The Problem Solver. 


My Quick Green Smoothie for Breakfast

I know how busy / lazy we can get in the morning, especially when it comes to breakfast. Who doesn't need  the nutrients, fats, and ect to keep us going throughout the day? (I usually have classes in the afternoon=late lunch=grumpy stomach). So what's even more convenient than a fulfilling smoothie?


Sultry Smokey Eyes

This is my take on the sultry smoky eye using RMS Beauty's Magentic & Karma eyeshadows.


Pink Kick

Hello. Melbourne's weather has been oddly cold again for some reason. Even with sun rays coming through, you cannot help but put on your winter coat because of the wind. Just this morning, I was deceived by the sunshine thought the weather was going to be great and threw on this make up look.. 

Prep: moisturized my face with Kahina Giving Beauty's Argan oil + Vive Sana Ultra Sunscreen. 
Eyes: I layered RMS Beauty Karma & Seduce cream eyeshadows on top of each other. 
Lips: Ilia Beauty's Neon Angel for some serious kick! 
Cheeks: Kjaer Weis' cream blush in Blossoming

Now, dab a little bit of RMS Living Luminizer to highlight your main features. Ilia Beauty actually has a similar highlighter with lighter texture (so I have heard) called Polkadots & Moonbeams. I still yet need to try it out, but more interested in the colour Sway (as a bronzer/contour). Kudos to RMS Beauty & Kjaer Weis for their user-friendly products! So easy to blend and all you need is your fingers.

And by any chance, did you guys take an advantage of Spirit Beauty Lounge's 20% off last friday? I did! I needed some products to be refilled anyways. Can't wait to receive their beautiful package in my mailbox. 


Shower Routine?

In this post, I am super excited to talk about my shower routine/the products that I use in the shower. It might not excite everybody that much, but sometimes I can get a bit nosy just to see what products everybody is using in their shower. I know showering is a necessity already but it is almost like a ritual for me.from dry-brushing to moisturising. I love having that intimate relationship with my own skin, and in the end it becomes almost an indulgence for me.