The Blue Cocoon

You do know how much I love my MLS products so it is very tough for me to say.. (wait for it..) that the Blue Cocoon has became my no.1 must-have from the line. Lets be frank. I am constantly impressed by the result, feel and quality of her products and I usually would love each one of them equally. The Blue Cocoon however, it's one product that I cannot truly live without. So why is it an essential staple for me? Click below to find out. 


Holiday Gift Guide For Him & Her

1. Your Core Light Necklace 'jewelry that resonates with your soul' $37 // 2. Inspired terrarium, why don't you recreate and capture your shared memory in something pretty like this? // 3. Keep warm and drink Hot Choccy $14.95 // 4. Something artisanal that is food? 3 pack of 100% raw honey for someone who cannot get enough $42 // 5. The Blue Cocoon, a cooling balm concentrate to find you calm $160 goes perfect with the warming sensation of 6. The Problem Solver to heal your skin and soul $90 // 7. Pick your fab holiday color from Karen Murrell lipstick $28.95 // 8. MCMC Phonenix for a girl who day-dreams with flowers on her head $95 // 9. A blend of Alpaca and Lambwool blanket for snuggling $215 pairs well with the delicate softness from 10. Skin Aficionado $90 // 11. What's more luxurious than a set of make-up from Kjaer Weis? $125 // 12. Feel the love with Lotus Wei's magical blend of flower essences $125  // 13. Luxuriously soft & shiny hair with the calming Palo Santo from Rahua $186 (the gold is perfect!).

1. 7 Organic Seasoning for his daily Sunday BBQ $52 // 2. Complete your tournament with him anywhere, anytime $38 // 3. Once he masters The Art of Shaving, gift him the best tool $150 // 4. A red holiday beanie $22 // 5. A unique fragrance embraced in a handcrafted Swedish Fragrance, Agonist The Infidels $175 // 6. Make men use skincare and feel the difference with Naturophatica Facial Wash $28 & 7. Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream $58 // 8. ARgENTUM, An anti-ageing blend of Silver Hydrosol & DNA PH with a super cool concept, for the scientist maybe? $245 //9.  Province Apothecary Beard Oil for the beard growers out there  $36 // 10. The bottled version of forest air and smell for the adventurers $55 // 11. You know his favorite music or movie soundtrack? Get it in the vinyl record // 12. A simple Magnus Cognac Watch $119, unless you're willing to spend more on him than yourself, this can do $424 // 13. Rose Gold Hook on Navy Rope bracelet with a camping and nautical influences $75


November Favorites

1. Flight Skincare Sheer Luxury Milk Cleanser

I have given it a full review here. I always turn to this cleanser when my skin is confused and finicky. This lotion-y cleanser gets the job done, light make-up included. My favorite power-soothing treatment comes from Goat's milk that contains Alpha-Hydroxy acids to lightly exfoliate the skin making it buttery soft and smooth. As if you can tell, it's almost ran out, you can bet that I will be repurchasing it again at some point. $37 for 100 ml. 

2. The Little Alchemist Cacao & Banana Glow Mask

Full review here. It's been my big helper for my congested skin and I was so happy that this mask got a number of positive interest in my review. Like Hippie Luxe has stated, the brand has been around since 2008 which makes me feel like I had been living under a rock for not discovering this brand much sooner. I also said this actually dries my skin out a bit and Natalie suggested to mix it with honey or yogurt to achieve a more hydrating impact. She was right. That's the beauty of powder mask, you can have fun with the consistency and what you add in! $65 for 60g.

3. Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment

When you come searching for a light floral scent, you turn to nobody else but Tata Harper. I was incredibly under pressure and felt a bit stressed out this November so I savored every bit of my little Tata's Stress Treatment sample. No one would associate me as a flower girl at all, no one. But this stress treatment blows me away because it really works. This has a blend of honeyed Linden Blossom, Rose Otto, Neroli and Frankincense to alleviate all my worries away. All I have to do is put this stress treatment on the tips of my fingers or palm of my hands, cup my hands to my face and inhale it in for 5-8 deep breaths like shown in Victoria's tutorial here or Tata's tutorial. It kicks in within a few minutes and I'd feel at peace and uplifted again :) $80 for 5 ml.

4. KW mascara

Review here. As much as I love Dizao Organic Mascara, I have been reaching out to this one a lot more because the formula + wand makes it so easy and fast to use without hitting your eyelids. I have been especially running in and out this month so that's why!

5. Au Naturale Lipstick in Innocence & Eyeliner in Deep Sea

You will see me writing reviews on their products in the future posts. The lipstick shade in "Innocence" is described as a soft, pink nude. You must know that it is so HARD for me to pull off a light colored or nude lipstick, I just can't.. always washes me out. The only one that I had a success with so far was Ilia's Blossom Lady (which still depends on the outfit I wear) and also Inika's Creme Caramel (haven't purchased but LOVE the color). However this particular color is a pretty soft pink nude and goes on creamy (whereas Ilia is more 'wet'). The pigmentation of Au Naturale Cosmetics is not too strong, I'd probably call this a 'lip tint'  but nonetheless, I've been reaching out for this when all I want is just my lips-but-better. The only complain I have is, the lipstick is not scented so it tastes like Castor oil.

The eyeliner in Deep Sea is also my favorite which makes me wish that I should have purchased more eyeliners from them. Au Naturale eye products such as their cream eyeshadows and eyeliners are what I would recommend. Deep Sea appears a bit navy with a hint of silver specks, looks really flattering against my deep brown eyes. Very easy to go on, no tugging.

6. Tamarillo Fruit 

I once walked into a supermarket purely with a purpose to buy a chocolate and came out with this. It was a seasonal fruit and I just had to get it because my local supermarket did not sell that many. At $2.99 a pop, it was definitely chocolate or this. I love this fruit, it's slightly tangy but sweet at the same time. Slightly similar to Passionfruit but I like this one better because it's much juicier. I love eating it with my favorite yogurt below.

7. Barambah Organics Vanilla Bean with a hint of Cinnamon Yoghurt 

Hands down, my favorite yogurt ever! Once I declare my love for a food, I stick with it until I get bored. I have repurchased it 4 times this month and still want more once it is finished. It is made with unhomogenized milk, non-fat milk solids, vanilla beans, vanilla essence, sugar, cinnamon and live culture, which are all certified organic. I don't care for the "97% fat-free" when it comes to food to be honest, but this one is seriously creamy, tastes like ice cream and not overly sweet. You still get the tanginess that comes from a yogurt and the vanilla beans in it is the real deal for vanilla lovers! Fun fact, Barambah got a gold award this year for the best cottage cheese (the only one awarded) in the UK, clap clap. The yoghurt comes in other flavors such as bush honey, blueberry, mango, strawberry, passionfruit and banana (they are all real fruit puree!). $5.75 for 500g. 

8. Green Dragon Superfood by Superfood Synergy

If you saw a sneak peek of The Apothecary package that came on my Instagram, you can tell that this Green Dragon Superfood was one that I was most excited about. You can say that I'm always curious about the latest 'superfood' find. This one is particularly interesting because there's nothing that beats the convenience of having a salad dressing in a bottle, especially if each of the ingredient has been carefully selected to improve on your health and well-being. So how does it taste? Freaking delicious! I didn't grow up eating salad, so I am no expert at concocting salad dressing (even though shame on me because it's dead easy). This one is already bottled and it stays FRESH (most important!). I think it tastes 'green', has a nice balance in flavors from the saltiness of the Tamari, sourness from AVC and a hint of spiciness from Green Chilli plus I'm sure there's a bunch of my favorite herbs thrown too. It got me so addicted in eating green salad! $25 @ Apothecary Store or $20 @ Superfood Synergy for 240g 

Inci: Biodynamic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother), Organic Onion, Organic Tamari, Organic Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Organic Coriander, Organic Green Chilli, Superfood blend [(1.5%) Organic Chlorella, Organic Spirulina, Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder], Xantham Gum (natural gum), Natural Flavour (essential oils), Himalayan Rock Salt. 


Treat Yourself with Black Friday Sale

From Being Content 10% off with the code 'CONTENT'
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From Spirit Beauty Lounge 15-20% off for purchase over $150 & above
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Customized samples with every order (don't forget to tell your skin type!)


Brand Spotlight: The Little Alchemist

When it comes to The Little Alchemist, it's not only the look and ingredients that appeal, Natalie, the creator of the brand is so kind and generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge through our exchange in e-mails. There is a little sunscreen recipe that she generously gave away and I'm planning to experiment on it. I thought I would give this brand the limelight it deserves because these points mentioned above are what set this brand apart from others. Although it focuses on mainly anti-ageing, some products seem to cater to most skin types. Note: trial size is available at a reasonable price, e-mail Natalie! 

So what do I find interesting? 


Cacao & Banana Glow Mask

$65 for 60g
"Zeolites & Clays deeply cleanse, exfoliate & remove toxins to create softer, smoother skin. Raw organic Cacao delivers essential antioxidants to provide the ultimate weekly dose of skin nutrition. Our special Super Fruit Blend provides vital nutrients and vitamins to keep skin healthy & radiant"
The Little Alchemist

Ingredients: ivory clay (kaolin), raw cacao*, banana*, acai*, goji berry 40% polysaccharides, noni fruit*, mangosteen*, maca root*, amla*, spirulina*, pomegranate*, cordyceps mushroom, sea buckthorn, chlorella - thin cell wall, alfalfa leaf*, green papaya, ashwagandha*, bladderwack, pink clay, yellow clay, zolite, coconut juice*, turmeric root*.  *= organic ingredients


A Rotation: Mascara

<-- Kjaer Weis                                                     Dizao Organics -->

Mascara is the hardest to find, conventional or not, agree? Remember my Beauty Routine Tag where I mentioned I did not use mascara at all? It probably surprised some of you but there there is no point in me buying if I won't use it. I got desperate though so a month ago, I jumped into Kjaer Weis mascara bandwagon but Dizao also kindly sent me their mascara to try out. Can I say, this has been the best November of my life? These two, rock my world because it has changed my perspective completely about natural, organic make-up!

"The ingredients in our organic mascara contain nourishing properties, with 99.8% sourced from organic farming. It glides on easily, with a sleek wand that adds the perfect amount of product, delivers great definition, and adds layers to eyelashes". 
Kjaer Weis 

"95% organic mascara provides all-natural care for your eyelashes, strengthens and moisturizes them without causing the irritation of eyes and periorbital skin. Dizao mascara has a definite lengthening and volumizing effect."
Dizao Moisturizing Mascara


October Favorites

November. Okay. While I'm jealous with everyone celebrating their fall season with their pumpkin spice drink, sweet spicy scented body products and warm colored outfits, us over here are ready to embrace the warmth that the sun shall bring! Summer calls for some fun with colorful flip flops and fancy skirt right? Right. Today was Melbourne Cup day, and the city was absolutely packed with parade. It made me realize that I haven't walked around in the city for long! It exactly made me feel like a tourist, especially when I get myself lost in little quirky stores in Flinders Lane. The Notemaker also had a fun stand where we decorated a cat mask with washi tapes. Washi tapes are my favorite ever, I want to stick them on almost everything! I love recycling my Myron glass jar or any jar, turning them into a usable container and make them pop with washi tapes. Do you use washi tapes? 

Onto my beauty favorites for the month below.. 


Movie Night & Green Liners

Read more below for OOTD & to find out more natural version of Rimmel's green eyeliner


The Lab Perfumery - Free Shipping til 31st Oct!

We, who live in Australia, know how much we love Free Shipping! Well, if you're not a lucky Melburnian who can visit their beautiful petite store at North Carlton, The Lab Perfumery is currently offering a free shipping with no minimum orders so you better take advantage of it until 31st of October. Orders within Australia only.

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Here are my favorite all-natural picks for your home, skin, and fragrance:

Agonist The Infidels $220 // MCMC Phoenix EDP $149 // Lurk TBPV1 $69 // Pacifica in French Lilac $12.95



Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Perfect Day

(Left To Right): Ilia Lipstick Perfect Day, RMS Lip Shine Sacred, Ilia Lip Conditioner Bang Bang

Click below to


What's in my gym / swimming bag

I'm one that is super fickle about my routine, especially when it comes to doing work out or sport. To be committed, I have to stick to a written up schedule or follow this Ipad app (it's good!) that constantly reminds me if I haven't done anything for the day. It beeps like an annoying alarm really, so I cannot ignore it. Lately, my friends and I have been obsessed with going to Melbourne's Public Bath, it's nothing sort of special but we are just loving taking advantage of their swimming, jacuzzi and sauna facilities. Plus, it's located in the CBD, grabbing a quick healthy eat or drink afterwards is heaven. 

I thought I would show you what my beauty essentials are, whether it is going to the gym or just swimming: 

After all the sweating (if you're gymming), I air-dry myself first.. consume the wait-time to have conversations with anyone.., but if I go swimming I just hop in a warm shower right away. I cleanse my body and hair with Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap in Almond, but a refreshing alternative is also the Mint one as it gives a nice tingly refreshing feeling but it reminds me of toothpaste. Besides, the scent of Almond is nutty and sweet which I really like. What I love about Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap is that it creates a very nice lather (not too much like your normal sulfate soap/shampoo) to cleanse my body and also enough for my hair. Then, I condition my hair with Rahua Conditioner in its original formula. Gosh, this conditioner is really amazing! I love how my hair falls nicely whenever I use this. The ends of my hair were so brittle one day and this stuff makes my them feel so renewed! Plus, it is scented with Palo Santo essential oil, which I think kind of smells like a motor oil, it's my guilty addiction. Since that doesn't sound elegant, I would describe it as a smoky, herbaceous scent that has a menthol / air-clearing quality to it, I love it! Btw, if you're wondering why I choose to not bring my Rahua Original Shampoo is because I don't rely on it after a heavy work-out. It doesn't provide me enough lather to cleanse unlike its Volumizing shampoo that I am unfortunately sensitive to. 

After all the cleansing is done, and as much as I dislike it, turning the warm water to cold water feels.. pleasant. There are many health benefits for this such as easing and improving blood circulation being the most beneficial one. Why I love it though, it provides a surge of relief whether it is to any tension on my body or emotionally. Especially when I feel slightly tired or aching, this is my favorite counteraction for that. 

Moving on to the face, my skin tends go feel very tight after showering so let alone swimming (the chlorine!). After swimming, I like to just thoroughly wash my face gently using my fingertips whereas if I sweat a lot, I would wash it with Dr. Bronner soap quickly. I then pat dry and towel up. I hydrate everywhere with my Tata Harper Hydrating Mist that smells like a field of flowers, and then I apply my May Lindstrom's The Dreamer cream/balm on my face. This cream, I truly love, because not only it smells like chocolate but it is the most nourishing balm/cream I have ever tried. It also leaves a very nice sheen that makes my face looks a bit glowy without greasiness. I share this with a friend, and she is totally awed by the scent too! 

Then, I body-oiling with Lina Hanson Global Body Serum* which smells like a straight-up Vanilla + Grapefruit. To be honest, it can be too sweet for my liking, but I really like the lightweight texture of it. I brought this because I love the sample size, perfect for travelling. However, I was taken by a surprise because when I used this.. I felt absolutely REFRESHED. It felt like I'd been misting myself with a feel-good body mist, I instantly felt chilled, uplifted, and energized again!  My friend who used this too said the same thing! Totally an unexpected benefit for me. 

Lastly, when it comes to make up, blushes is my second love after lip colors. I recently purchased Revolution Organic balm in Blushed and fell in love with the fuschia color instantly, it is fantastic! It manages to be quite sheer but still gives my lips and cheeks a punch of color too with a hint of shimmer.

*Thanks Lina, for the generous sample! 


Goodbye Cold

A change of season can bring us the blues. What do you do to make yourself feel better? I hope you are all healthy!

I find I'm so Excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. - ellis boyd from Shawshank Redemption


An introduction to Australia's Apothecary Store

I would like to introduce to you.. Australia's Natural & Organic Apothecary Store that is basically the epitome of luxury right from the moment you enter its brand spanking new store (love the front logo!). I am sure that you will be curious to see what's next from them.. I used to constantly check their Facebook updates before they even launched because they gave us a sneak-peek of brands they're currently trialing and I'm always intrigued by anything odd-balls (or shall I say fascinatingly hit the gap!). So this means that, they have really gone an extra mile in the researching department! Who doesn't like to hear something new right?! (hint: that's how I found ArGentum, a brand that is super exquisite and hits the niche in natural & organic genre). Crosses fingers that it will make its way down to Australia!

There are only a few brands listed currently, but I got a little secret I'm holding in.. but I promise you, it is something GOOD once it comes out! Danielle, the founder, has always found a fascination in forensic science, anatomical pathology and human body since ever she was a little kid. Although might be somewhat unrelated, it inspires her to use natural & organic products with a focus on physical and emotional wellness as well. However, sometimes a few significant struggles in life that has affected us emotionally and physically could lead to us to something momentous.. A lot of stress-related illness started creeping in until a light was finally shed especially after she came down to The Golden Door Health Retreat in Sydney. One of the topics that she listened to was a class about toxic and chemical ingredients in our daily products. From there she realized that lots of people were still surprised about what's contained inside the products or were even more surprised because products which seem 'natural' on the bottle, turn out to be something they're not. That's how Danielle started Apothecary Store.

If you're also wondering why everything on that site is expensive, I understand that going natural & organic doesn't mean health has to reflect the $$$$ of products you use. But what Danielle wanted to achieve and promote was to deny the fact that natural & organic products are not only for granola eating hippies.. I know some of my friends whom I've told always give me "I would rather eat that" comment which I still cannot make sense in my head because isn't that better for you?! Products that are stocked on Apothecary Store are result-driven that have obviously been tested, and they are also clean and reflect the price point. Going natural should not be a compromise of luxury and effectiveness. We're also talking about products that you want to show off on your vanity or take out of your purse and also feel dreamy on your hands. For an example: May Lindstrom's products are truly life-changing in the way you perceive a beauty ritual and how you feel about yourself. Lina Hanson has searched into every corner of the globe to deliver you the most exotic plant and essential oils in her Global Facial & Body Serum. Same goes for Goe oil, if it wasn't so special it wouldn't have been featured on countless of blogs and magazines such as Vogue, Nylon and Harper's Bazaar to name a few (this product is travel-friendly + multi-functional too!).

What's more.. Apothecary Store is starting to fill up its Detox Store that showcases Danielle's favorite superfood as supplements and the famous INDAH coconut oil (I swear, this is the best coconut oil I have ever tasted and I specifically use this internally because it's that delicious!). Apothecary Store also has an exclusive service to cater your wedding needs. Yup! This exclusive service will include everything from choosing your herbal teas, chocolates, tinned mints, soaps, and candles for your big day! There's no need for the stress, they will take care of your Bridal Party Gift Sets to even setting up a perfect scent ambiance for your wedding using Timothy Han London and Vie Luxe (eco) Candles especially catered for your wedding to make an everlasting memorable scent.

Watch out this space, it's going to be a great one! Sshh.. Flight Skincare, Surface Skincare, R.L Linden & CO, Loving Earth and Bare Blends are going to arrive soon too!

Free shipping over $100 within Australia, and New Zealand customers are welcome too (free shipping doesn't apply).

Curious? If you're new to using green products and want to start off with something super indulgent.. why not try my favorite picks: INDAH Coconut Oil for obvious reasons, May Lindstrom The Youth Dew: a facial oil for all skin types and Soapwalla deodorant that everyone raves about (works great but I'm sensitive to it!).


Flight Skincare Camellia Facial Treatment

I thought it's an impeccable timing to tease you with this facial oil that I absolutely adore. Yup, Flight's Camellia Facial Treatment is definitely a fantastic addition to my facial oil collection, and should be yours too. Luckily, it is currently on sale on the website for $49 (25 ml) from $62 although I was able to snatch this up with a fab offer last September.

I was first introduced to this facial oil thanks to Haley from Peachy Clean. She assured me that this was her must-have from the brand and she cannot stop gushing over how beautiful the smell is -like Camellia flowers she said. Honestly, I am clueless about what Camellia flowers smell like but upon receiving it.. I made sure that's the first thing I smelled. If there was a hint of Neroli, Lavender and Sandalwood in it.. it would be very minimal because I can hardly detect their singular notes at all. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it is a gorgeous floral scent, rather than sweet, it is so much filled with elegance. It really is gorgeous, and if you love Jasmine scent I have a feeling you will fall for this one too.

The facial oil is a simple blend of Macadamia, Sweet Almond, Camellia Seed and Avocado plant oils with a touch of Neroli, Lavender and Sandalwood to increase the efficacy of cell renewal by deeply nourishing and repairing the skin. I am in love with Camellia oil - or anything Japanese for that matter. I am super excited to find out that this is the star ingredient in this facial oil. The Japanese Geisha swears by Camellia oil to cleanse their face from the heavy make-up and it is also the one responsible for making their skin looking flawless. It is a highly penetrating oil that is usually used for skin that is dry but also sensitive. It really soothes and calms easily irritated skin while smoothing out rough, flaky spots. One other key ingredient is also Macadamia Nut oil that is excellent to deeply nourish as it contains a high level of Omega 7 Fatty Acids to slow down signs of aging, wrinkles and dryness. You can read more about the benefit of Macadamia Nut oil as Meghan from Seed to Serum blog has kindly summarized it for us.

I am just deeply in love with this facial oil, I slather it on 2-3x a week as a night treatment or whenever my skin is feeling irritated. Now that my Pai Rosehip already ran out, I substituted it with this one and it has kept me swooning ever since. Like I said, the scent is a gorgeous elegant floral scent, that is... 'mature' rather than sweet. The scent alone already brings me a state of mind that is clear and calm. The texture is very dense -like most highly moisturizing oils- but what I am surprised about is how quickly it penetrates into the skin! I thought it would take awhile given the texture. Whether my skin is thirsty for hydration or not, it just sinks in quickly, but doesn't vanish or feel like coating the skin. I rate this facial oil highly and cannot recommend it enough. It has the power to soothe my skin and gives it the hydration and balance that my skin needs without clogging the pores (I'm highly acne-prone!).

Get yours now from Flight Skincare (remember it's $49!) and Peachy Clean


Message In A Bottle; OOTD with Stripes & Polkadot.

Yaaaaa I finally bought an umbrella and it is mustard colored! But judging from the weather nowadays, I don't think I will be using it in the near future. Ergh, I miss cold weather already.. I need to migrate to the north.

I have also been loving these things too lately: Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite, RMS Beauty brush, Ilia Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang and Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner. The book is a special one because I got it as a birthday present but even without saying so, this is definitely an intriguing visual book that I would had picked up. If you are a fan of The Art of Looking Sideways (Please, someone buy me that book), you might like this too, it's somewhat similar and yet much more petite. The Art of Looking Sideways is super heavy like an encyclopedia, I need to get it though because I just don't get bored of it ever.

RMS Beauty has became a daily beauty regime for me. "Un" Cover-Up makes my skin look almost flawless (in my opinion anyway) in the most natural way and I also tend to use lip2cheek as a blush and definitely the lip shines to add some juiciness to the lips. This time though, it is their brush. It's multi-functional, I can use it to fool-proof my eyeliners, highlighter and.. of course the lips. It just makes the color goes on much smoother and has a seamless finish. Also, I am finally a proud owner of Ilia Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang! It is a wonderful sheer red, no matter what the occasion or outfit is. Review will be soon. And lastly, it's not a green product but better than the others: I cannot live without Eyeko Skinny Eyeliners. It is just the perfect eyeliner for me, I don't think I can look anywhere else for that. It is precise and is a nice getaway from the usual Black. I wish they come in a range of vibrant colors too, because I would love that. So much!

Outfit: Urban Outfitters Mock-Neck Striped Shirt, River Island Polkadot Skirt, New Kid Patterned Flats with a Gold Chain, Globe Necklace gifted. 


Beauty Routine Tag!

uh oh my flowers are dying
Many thanks to the beautiful Sonja from Life in Blush for tagging me! These questions are so much fun to answer, make sure you do them too. Here it goes...

1. Name a beauty routine you rarely do

Apply a mascara. Yeah.. I love curling my eyelashes but just have not found one that I love enough to wear everyday. I am actually a pretty easy person to convince (trust me and my friends), but that's just it guys. Feel free to shoot me with some of your favorite mascara and I will give them a whirl. I have tried a few from the drugstore (non-natural) that claim to be long-lasting and waterproof but they don't impress me. Either I don't like the spider-leg look (that makes me look super made-up, is it just my face?) or I find one that I like but smudges. 

However, I am ready to explore now since I bought a new eyelash curler :3 

2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly? 

I usually give it a quick wash every time after I use it because I rarely use make-up brushes anyway. 

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish? 

I don't wear nail polish because when I do, I chip some more until it's fully chipped out of enjoyment.. but I just don't like nail polishes in general. They are pretty and stuff so I love painting them on other people's nails. 

4. What is your worst beauty habit?

Picking little scabs under my own judgement that they are fully healed, but no. 

5. Name something non-beauty related that you put off all the time.

To buy an umbrella. I have held this off for 1 1/2 years now and honestly I don't know why I think I have survived without it in Melbourne (it's some random rain city!!). C'mon you.. buy an umbrella! 

6. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute or not? 

I like spontaneity and looking a bit scruffy. Usually, that's what last-minute thinking gives me (although on rare occasion I would come out with a slight panic "what am i wearing?!"). But even without being last minute, I am that person who stands in front of my wardrobe and just quickly grab & go. But if we're talking about make-up, hair and stuff, I don't spend on them for too long either; I do a quick swipe of either an eyeliner or eyeshadow, gives my creamy blush a blend, and lip color can be done in the lift. I don't do anything to my hair except dry shampoo if I need to. 

ok lol, so in conclusion it might sound like last minute but I guess I like to be given the time to think quick on my feet without stress. 

7. Can you commit to spending bans? 

Yes I can. Besides, I usually read reviews after reviews before buying anyway (in terms of beauty products) so I am always more likely to be happy with my purchase. So, no impulse. But with food, it's another story. 

8. How organized are your make-up/nail polish collection? 

I categorize my make-up collection by categories: blushes, face products, lips, eyes. 

9. What is the longest time you've gone without writing a blog post? 

I think almost 2 months hiatus when I was back home in Qatar. As much as I wanted to do a blog post, I had almost 0 exciting beauty-related stuff I could find or bring with me. I would love to slip a travel, food or outfit post here and there now! There are far more things that fascinate me beyond beauty-related stuff as well so I would love to share them. 

Now.. I tag Kels from Collections of a Skincare Junkie, Jade from Nephriticus, and Fathima from Niche Beauty and YOU, if you haven't done it. 

The rules are: 
-this tag was created by http://thebeaubow.blogspot.com 
-tag other bloggers
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Flight Skincare Sheer Luxury Milk Cleanser starring Goat's Milk

I like this cleanser a lot. It is non-stripping so it leaves my skin soft, slightly hydrated and smooth. What got my attention was the fact that it is a goat's milk based cleanser. Why Goat's Milk you ask? Goat's Milk contains lactic acid (or alpha hydroxy acids) to help remove the dead skin cells, gently exfoliating the skin but it does so in a super gentle way. With it also being exceptionally rich in Essential Fatty Acids, this makes it a super healing ingredient that is excellent for dry, mature, sensitive skin type and even acne-ic skin. I have congested skin and I find that using a creamy or milky cleanser formulated for sensitive skin type is better. I like to lessen my chance of getting irritations, so these type of cleansers actually never exacerbate my problem further. If you're like me, you'd be happy to know that Willow White Bark has a natural Salisylic Acid to help remove the dead skin cells as well while offering an anti-inflammatory properties.

Worth mentioning that Quandong Seed is a native fruit to Australia and it is one of the key ingredients in this cleanser. It is super rich in Vitamin C (contains higher Vit C than oranges), in which helps to repair and soothe the skin. The steam-distilled pure organic essential oil of Ylang Ylang, Orange and Lime lend their helping hands to improve blood circulation resulting in a radiant glow.

In addition to this, there are also Honey, Macadamia Nut, Shea Nut Butter and a number of wonderful plant oils. It's nice to know that the 'exfoliating' ingredients in this cleanser are balanced out by these butters and oils to create a non-stripping cleanser. Plus, we all know that oils are the best way to remove make-up without tugging the skin right? That's why this cleanser is excellent at effectively cleansing my everyday grimes and dirt. What's even more amazing is, it does not leave a single film as I wash it off. Nope. No hot cloth method necessary. Whether I'm in a rush or not, I can happily enjoy using it!

The scent is actually almost faint which is good. Despite the fact that it contains 'parfum' -in which explained that it is a vegetable based fragrance that is used as a preservative-, I find this cleanser as one of the most gentle I have ever used! The texture is accurately described as a sheer luxury milk cleanser, very easy to spread and massage onto the skin. You might find that when you pump it a week later, there is a very slight separation between the oil and the butters, but it is absolutely fine to use (just give it a little shake in the bottle). I am not sure if it has been keeping my skin clear, but I am 100% sure that it is one of the reasons why my skin has been looking calm and properly hydrated which thus.. leads to a clearer skin. The bottom-line is, this is my current favorite cleanser to use and easily be one of the best I have ever tried. Like I said before, choose a cleanser that will not strip your skin! I usually avoid using a clay-based every single day as I find that it is too purging for the skin that I have (I love my clay as a weekly treatment).

Get yours now from Flight Skincare website or Peachy Clean for $37 (AUD) @ 100ml.
Ingredients: aqua, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate - natural emulsifier from olives-, orange water, vegetable glycerine, decyl glucoside -natural fatty alcohol from coconuts-, *macadamia oil, *camellia oil, *shea nut butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, *honey, *aloe leaf juice, *white willow bark extract, quandong seed, parfum -an organic preservative, naticide is a broad spectrum anti microbial vegetable based fragrance-, *avocado oil, goat's milk, vitamin E, *marula oil, xantham gum, carrageenan extract - seaweed -, orange oil, lime oil, ylang ylang oil


Happy Day: The Finders Keepers

Karina's Orange Eyeliner. Sweet!

Niki & Karina @ Hazene stall, love them girls

A little OOTD for you: Super comfortable muscle tank with Topshop leather jacket, River Island Tie-Dye Jeans,
Converse, and a random bag
 -I was told that I looked like a cat when I smile =3=
Karina's OOTD: Polkadot Yellow Shirt Thrifted, Mesh long sleeves top underneath, her favorite Topshop
jeans and boots from Rm Williams. 


The Finders Keepers is an annual event to host many independent designers and art markets. So happy that this year Hazene got to be a part of it, especially thanks to Frankie Magazine for making that happened!