Brand Spotlight: The Little Alchemist

When it comes to The Little Alchemist, it's not only the look and ingredients that appeal, Natalie, the creator of the brand is so kind and generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge through our exchange in e-mails. There is a little sunscreen recipe that she generously gave away and I'm planning to experiment on it. I thought I would give this brand the limelight it deserves because these points mentioned above are what set this brand apart from others. Although it focuses on mainly anti-ageing, some products seem to cater to most skin types. Note: trial size is available at a reasonable price, e-mail Natalie! 

So what do I find interesting? 


Cacao & Banana Glow Mask

$65 for 60g
"Zeolites & Clays deeply cleanse, exfoliate & remove toxins to create softer, smoother skin. Raw organic Cacao delivers essential antioxidants to provide the ultimate weekly dose of skin nutrition. Our special Super Fruit Blend provides vital nutrients and vitamins to keep skin healthy & radiant"
The Little Alchemist

Ingredients: ivory clay (kaolin), raw cacao*, banana*, acai*, goji berry 40% polysaccharides, noni fruit*, mangosteen*, maca root*, amla*, spirulina*, pomegranate*, cordyceps mushroom, sea buckthorn, chlorella - thin cell wall, alfalfa leaf*, green papaya, ashwagandha*, bladderwack, pink clay, yellow clay, zolite, coconut juice*, turmeric root*.  *= organic ingredients


A Rotation: Mascara

<-- Kjaer Weis                                                     Dizao Organics -->

Mascara is the hardest to find, conventional or not, agree? Remember my Beauty Routine Tag where I mentioned I did not use mascara at all? It probably surprised some of you but there there is no point in me buying if I won't use it. I got desperate though so a month ago, I jumped into Kjaer Weis mascara bandwagon but Dizao also kindly sent me their mascara to try out. Can I say, this has been the best November of my life? These two, rock my world because it has changed my perspective completely about natural, organic make-up!

"The ingredients in our organic mascara contain nourishing properties, with 99.8% sourced from organic farming. It glides on easily, with a sleek wand that adds the perfect amount of product, delivers great definition, and adds layers to eyelashes". 
Kjaer Weis 

"95% organic mascara provides all-natural care for your eyelashes, strengthens and moisturizes them without causing the irritation of eyes and periorbital skin. Dizao mascara has a definite lengthening and volumizing effect."
Dizao Moisturizing Mascara


October Favorites

November. Okay. While I'm jealous with everyone celebrating their fall season with their pumpkin spice drink, sweet spicy scented body products and warm colored outfits, us over here are ready to embrace the warmth that the sun shall bring! Summer calls for some fun with colorful flip flops and fancy skirt right? Right. Today was Melbourne Cup day, and the city was absolutely packed with parade. It made me realize that I haven't walked around in the city for long! It exactly made me feel like a tourist, especially when I get myself lost in little quirky stores in Flinders Lane. The Notemaker also had a fun stand where we decorated a cat mask with washi tapes. Washi tapes are my favorite ever, I want to stick them on almost everything! I love recycling my Myron glass jar or any jar, turning them into a usable container and make them pop with washi tapes. Do you use washi tapes? 

Onto my beauty favorites for the month below.. 


Movie Night & Green Liners

Read more below for OOTD & to find out more natural version of Rimmel's green eyeliner